Alexa operated Open Source Smart Hub

Alexa operated Open Source Smart Hub

What was the Problem?

A leading manufacturer of consumer electronics products who manufactures smart home automation products wanted a light weight smart-hub solution to go with their range of smart home devices.

What was the customer
looking for?

  • Operate hub local to the home network

  • Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant enabled operation

  • Custom Alexa Skills and Scenes to operate few Edge Devices 

  • Reduce cost of maintenance

What is the Solution?

Taking the requirements into consideration, Media Magic Technologies leveraged on the experience of working in Smart Home industry and delivered a solution which connected to the client’s devices with ease and operated them over speech-based assistant – Alexa.

  • An SBC with optimal processing power and memory hosting opensource Home Automation Platform – HomeAssistant

  • Microphone and Speaker support added to SBC for integrating Amazon Alexa
  • Client’s proposed range of products were easily discovered and on-boarded by the solution
  • Custom Alexa Skills and Scenes were created to support few of the Smart Devices suggested by Customer

Customer Benefits

  • Media Magic team leveraged on the years of experience it has in Smart Home industry and delivered a solution which became an integral part of the client’s product line up
  • Opensource technology adapted on customer hardware reduced cost of maintenance
  • The solution was implemented in record time with quality. In us, Customer found a preferred partner integrating the customers new offerings and versions into their eco-system


SBC, Home Assistant, Alexa skill, Alexa Scene, yamlC/C++, Wi-Fi

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