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Does the thought of working hands-on on new technologies excite you?

  • Get on a project team as soon as you join and work closely with clients and gain deep insights into project execution.

  • Your responsibilities towards a project help you learn and grow not just tech skills but many leadership skills as well.

  • Get trained on multiple cutting-edge tools and software platforms as we use full stack technologies in our projects.

  • Learn from your peers and seniors in Media Magic’s informal, open culture environment.


What do the words Exponential Pay Raise make you feel?

  • What you bring to the table determines the pay cheque you take home.

  • All you need to do is learn fast, establish your expertise and deliver on expectations.

  • Great remunerations, bonuses and incentives are just a step away.

  • Consistent performance also qualify you for company growth related incentives.

Have Fun

Do you dance? Or sing (Karaoke singers also welcome)? Or play an instrument?

Or are you the one who loves being behind the scenes and ensure you give the audience a show to remember? And of course audience participation is critical.

  • Be it annual days, regular parties, hackathons, townhalls, at Media Magic you decide the activities you want to see happening year long and work with the team to organize it.

  • A direct result of teams led initiatives is our beautiful book club called Lost in the Books. In the last three years we have collectively read more than a 100 books across more than 15 diverse topics.
  • Next, every Thursday our team makes snacks at office! A 100% team led initiative where everyone bring in raw food stuff and make sumptuous quick bites. It’s an amazing time spent bonding and getting to know each other.
  • You have passions to pursue and families to take care of. The importance of your work life balance is something we understand and encourage.


It gets overwhelming sometimes. The work, working with teams and clients, managing tasks and to do lists. When you have something to say, it is ingrained in our culture to listen. Be it a new idea, or addressing grievances, we have a robust open door, open feedback policy in place. Your voice matters.

All Hands Meetings

These are monthly meetings conducted to ensure everyone is working towards well defined engineering objectives across teams and projects. What are the challenges being faced? What are the teams’ expectations from the management and vice versa? All get discussed in great detail.

Growth Meetings

What are the CEOs areas of focus this quarter? Recruitment? Sales & Marketing? Operations? New product developments? What were the achievements in the previous quarter and what could’ve we done better? These and other critical aspects driving the company are discussed in our quarterly Growth Meetings where you get to understand and help align the company’s priorities.


For the Greater Good

You have worked with charities, lent books, donated blankets and planted trees. But something within says that you could do more. Unfortunately we all have limited time and have to brutally prioritize. What if you had an opportunity to do good for the environment and society as part of your daily work routine?


I am working with MMT as a Software Engineer from 1+ year. Beauty of being a MMTian is that you will get a new challenge every day, which will excite, teach and raise your bar of problem-solving. I can recall one such proud memory when I was able to fix more than 10 bugs in a single day and the whole team appreciated me. I will always remember the time when the team celebrated my first feature delivery, I was on cloud 9. I will definitely recommend newbies to work in a dynamic Media/IoT focused company that will take you to the peak of tech and improve your interpersonal skills as well.

Shaunak Jagtap (Current MMTian)

I started my journey with Media Magic Technologies as an intern. I was clueless about what I was in for? What was told to me while joining was that the experience will be different from whatever I heard about different companies in general. To my surprise, the work culture in Media Magic technologies was truly dynamic and ethical. I have learned so much in a short span of time here and know that each and every team member is supporting and cheering for me as much as I am. As each day passes, the company is more becoming a family to me. I am eagerly waiting to see what the future holds for me here.

Jitin Nair (Current MMTian)

I have been at Media Magic technologies for over a year and have enjoyed and appreciated the company’s priorities, insight, and culture. MMT is a great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. I find myself among a great group of colleagues who share their experience and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. Joining Media Magic Technologies has turned out to be a great decision for me.

Latish Bhanarkar (Current MMTian)

I joined MMT as a fresher and I will always be thankful to people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow. They work on the latest technology. Everyone is talented and friendly. Employees are encouraged for their good work and achievements. I am glad to be a part of this group.

Arpan Sharma (Current MMTian)

If you are looking for a company where you get to make a difference, where you spend your days working alongside friendly, focused and dedicated people, then you should be coming to Media Magic.

Faeez Kadiri (Current MMTian)

MMT is a place where you can bring your own canvas and paint it as you want. I have been working here for 1.5 years now, they have given me many opportunities to innovate and empowered me to achieve organisational and personal goals.

Pratik Palkritwar (Current MMTian)


At Media Magic, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge IOT platforms and embedded systems.

  • Experience a very open and positive office environment.

  • Grow your expertise and earnings exponentially with the company’s growth.

  • Be assured of work-life balance.

“Come! Be a part of this vibrant and open culture where you learn, contribute and have fun all day long!”

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