Thinking about starting a book club at your work-space? Here’s a rundown on one…

Thinking about starting a book club at your work-space? Here’s a rundown on one…

“Does starting a book-club at your organization adds any value to it?” 

A similar question would have popped in your mind whenever you thought about starting a book-club at your organization. There was a time when we too were stuck at this same question and couldn’t decide whether to start a book-club at MMT or not. After lot of deliberation, we did start one. And the good thing is, three years from its inception, it is still breathing. It has flourished and has added some phenomenal flavors to the whole of MMT. 

We started our book club with only a single objective of providing a platform for all the readers in MMT. The club has read and discussed 1000+ books in mere 3 years, helping the readers in a lot of aspects – finding their next read or get second opinions on book they have read. In fact, they found a bunch of people to turn to whenever they need any kind of literary help. 

But has it in any way added any value to our organization? The answer is a big YES.  

Ice-breaker for the new employees

The platform turned out to be good for new employees to stand up and find their voice in front their new team-mates. They got an opportunity to present their thoughts and opinions on non-technical subjects without the fear of being incorrect. This helped forge a bond between them and the existing members to solve a common problem whenever they went back to their desks. 

Platform to hone Communication and Leadership skills

An integral part of our meetups is to speak your opinions and thoughts on the book that you read. This helped every member a great deal on improving their communication skills. Now every one of us can collate, articulate and sell our ideas on the big stage whenever the situation demands. Some of us got opportunities to communicate with clients way earlier than expected.  

A driver of this book club needs to organize and schedule the meetups. He needs to brainstorm on ways to keep the enthusiasm alive in the club. While being one of the drivers of our book club, I’ve seen myself become more confident at leading from the front. 

A Creative bunch of people on the floor

The book-club will provide you with a set of people to turn to whenever you need anything to do with creativity at your workspace. Almost all the organizers (and winners too) of the quarterly fun activities at MMT are part of our book-club. 

That’s all. If you’ve read this far, I hope this turns out to be the missing piece of information you needed to start one such club at your workspace.  

P.S. Our book-club has transformed one corner of our Conference into a fine bookshelf. It is packed with interesting books and this has undoubtedly helped all our fellow colleagues. Nowadays, they often sneak into the Conference and read a page or two to Hit Refresh on their coffee-laden, code-clouded minds. One more perk of having a book-club, isn’t it? 🙂 

– Purushottam Pawar

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