Creating Our Happy Space!

Creating Our Happy Space!

A few months back we came up with a contest of ‘designing our desks’ to create our happy space. Some of us were skeptical in terms of how decorating a desk would help make us happy. So, on this skeptical note, we all started brainstorming on how our desks could be decorated. Since it was a contest, there were secret meetings between teams and strategies were being discussed behind closed doors. The war was on!

There was this contagious zestfulness in the air for the next 15 days. I could see each individual in this excited mode to contribute with their ideas. The end results surprised us all! None of us may have imagined that this concept would come out so beautifully. Each room had its distinctive flavor. The operations team had a wall full of their favourite poem, quotes that inspire them and photos of their most memorable vacations or moments, whereas the mobility team wall adorns photos of places they would like to vacation. The QA room is filled with team photos with our happy beaming faces on them, whereas the CA / Pearl team brought out the beautiful balance between ‘Go Green’ and personal aspirations. With these views around, who would be worried about the Monday blues anyways!

When I told this to a few of my friends, they were wondering how can this make a difference?

I feel for all of us who are glued to their office chairs even when the sun goes down. Office, in that sense, becomes our second home. When we spend so much time at office, it can get a little mundane or boring if our surroundings are bland. Adding some colors and our favourite things can help make it interesting and a happy space we want to spend that much time in. Studies have shown that a creative desk can increase positivity and productivity of an employee by 12%.

And apart from that, I believe this desk decoration activity helped us bond within teams, whether it was during those brainstorming sessions or coming together to execute the ideas or working towards one common goal. And in the process of decorating just our space we ended up building a happy space in the entire office!

What fills me with joy is when I walk into the office, the walls are not merely the walls they have character now. Each wall, each desk breathes a person. And though each desk has its own distinct character, together it looks like a beautiful rainbow that fills me with wonder of the amazing environment and people I am surrounded with.

– Anuprita Ratnaparkhi

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