Delivering version 1.0 in record time

Delivering version 1.0 in record time

December was already upon us and the year was nearing its end. Place, MMT, was abuzz with all the retrospection, reviews, product launches, customer events and the euphony of music all around. On a usual Tuesday morning the team was preparing themselves for the weekly scrum meeting with our overseas customer. The meeting started on the scheduled time.  

“Hellooo there… How’s everything going?”, The Head of Engineering at customer end, started the call with his usual cheerful voice.  

“Hello and good morning. It’s fantastic here. We are right on track with everything planned. How are things at your end?”, I replied. 

“Ooohhh, it’s like crazzzy out here. By the way, I have one good news and one bad news for you guys. What do you wanna hear first?”, he continued. 

“Good news first”, I said with my fingers crossed and equal mixture of caution and excitement in my voice. 

“Well, we have decided to integrate TIDAL into our product. I have heard a couple of times that you guys are hot on TIDAL.”, customer said with quite excitement. 

“That’s great news. You’re right. We absolutely love the music collection they have, and we already have playlists for every day and every mood”, I replied. 

“Great. So, when do you think you guys can start with TIDAL?”, he continued, “oohh! and please remember we need it to pass certification as well.”  

“You tell us. We are game to do it today itself”, I replied with looking at all the happy faces in the room. 

“Brilliant. That’d be great.”, he said. 

“So, and what are the time horizons for it?”, I asked with curiosity. 

“Well, that’s kind of the bad news I was talking about. We have to integrate this feature with our next planned release on New Year’s Eve”, He said with a little hesitation in his voice. 

I glanced around the Conference. All the eyes in the room were on me with their faces little tensed. 

I said, “Alright and…”. Number of questions danced in my mind. 

“And we have no idea about this service and you guys are expert in this matter. Please tell us how we can do this.”  

“Yes. Relax we got this.” I said feeling confident from our experience of integrating music services within record times.  

This conversation tweaked our plans a little for December, but we immediately put them in motion. I have always believed in the principle “When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” 

How did we execute the plan? Well the product engineering mindset and the culture we have with emphasis on Timely Delivery played a critical role. Each of us took ownership and focused their energies on minimizing the future risks.  Everyone was well aware of the responsibility they had. We suggested changes and ways to customer in functionalities and UI to adhere to the standards of music streaming service and pass a smooth certification process. 

With all things sorted marshalling the troops was easy for me (I was the Team Lead handling the project) but the tricky part was in delivering a product with no bugs as it was going to affect the existing user base. We carefully drafted a plan considering the time required for testing and most importantly for the Certification process. The groundwork done by one of our teams helped us speed up the process. We already had an API suit readily available for TIDAL. And a ready to use customizable UI widgets to fast-track the UI creation. 

With the Development sorted, next step was QA. QA team have designed few test case suits for music streaming services and certification like Generic Playback and Functional Test case suit for All music services and UI Test case suit for All Music services. These test case suits along with automation testing played a huge role in speeding up the whole quality assurance process and delivered a bug free product. 

This added another feather in Media Magic’s cap and it was the product of culture, product engineering mindset, a responsible team, expertise in our domain and foresight for future requirements. The one thing we have all learned and we all believe… 

Across professions, consistency is a direct product of work ethic. 

– Sagar Patil


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