Going Green: My struggle in taking the first steps

Going Green: My struggle in taking the first steps

A few months back, I decided to do some research on the ‘Go Green’ movement. I quickly realised that, the content online is too vast and overwhelming. So, I did what we all do best, I procrastinated by raising questions and doubts. “It takes time to change a habit.”, “But where can I find authentic information?”, “How will my efforts make any difference?”. I just couldn’t understand where I should start.

As the mantra of ‘The Secret’ says, when you cast a thought out into the universe with all your heart, you are likely to find the solutions. It happened while I was working hard on my dance calculation problem. A solution struck me, “I have to break the problem into smaller pieces”, I realized. Energized with a new vigour, I made a list of things I could do that were in my control. Things that otherwise looked small enough to be ignored but had greater impact than we can imagine. I made list of things and named them as my ‘8 Eco Rules’!

Once I started following my Eco Rules, I soon realized ‘discipline’ is like house keys – you always end up losing it when you need it the most. So, I awakened my inner “Ghajini”. And no, before you jump to any conclusions, I have very strong views against tattoos! I found out a cheaper and pain free solution to discipline myself – POST IT’s. I know, ironic right? But trust me they are very effective for beginner’s discipline. I stuck them on switch boards, near water taps, dust bins and wherever I slipped up on my ’Eco Rules’. It took me a few weeks to embed these into my sub conscious, but looking back I feel happy I didn’t give up.

I realized that the major problem isn’t the what, where and how of ‘Go Green’ but just the awareness that even little changes in the way we live and work can have a significant impact. Once the awareness sets in, we can find our way quite easily.

One thing that helped me to follow my ‘Eco Rules’ was ignoring the temptation of making things complicated and quantitative. Once these rules become part of my habit, I will start applying quantitative measures to them and keeping track of their impact.

For those still reading this post, here is a little peek at my list of ’Eco Rules’:

  • Keep the water tap closed while brushing or washing your face

  • Keep the flow of water slow while using water from the tap

  • Ensure you switch off lights, fans and other appliances when they are not in use

  • Replace your plastic water bottles with more eco-friendly options

  • Segregate your dry and wet garbage

  • Reduce the use of ACs at home and at office

  • Walk to nearby places instead of driving

  • Take the stairs instead of elevators or lifts

I know this is just the beginning for me, but I now feel determined to replicate these ‘Eco Rules’ at my work place too, hoping to spread the word one colleague at a time. My efforts may look like a small drop in the ocean, but I resonate with what Percy Ross said years ago “Many drops make a bucket, many buckets make a pond, many ponds make a lake, and many lakes make an ocean.”

– Anuprita Ratnaparkhi

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