Mobile Application Test Automation

Mobile Application Test Automation

What was the Problem?

Customer decided to automate the testing for existing product which was 100% manually testedTarget was to shorten test execution cycles and increase test coverage. 

What was the customer
looking for?

  • Test automation to minimize test execution time, promote continuous integration and testing. 

  • Use skills of manual tester without need of programming knowledge. 

  • Automating most of manual test cases to reduce Test Execution cycles. 

  • Continuous release cycles should be possible. 

  • It should be easy to change test data. 

What is the Solution?

  • Used in-house developed QA Automation Framework to automate mobile application testing. 

  • The framework supports both iOS and Android applications. 
  • Test Suits are written in the excel file. 
  • No knowledge of Automation is needed. 
  • Framework takes this excel file as input and runs all the test cases on the application by automating UI. 

  • Framework generates detailed well formatted HTML report. Report contains details which gives analytical data for passed and failed test cases. It also keeps log which helps to fix issues quickly. 

  • Promotes continuous integration and testing. At end of execution sends report by email to all stakeholders. 

  • Robust framework which would enable the addition and removal of the test scenarios with no change in code. 

Customer Benefits

  • Faster Time to Market: Less test execution time, reduced test cycles for release quality. 
  • Less Cost: Faster results with a smaller number of QA engineers. No need of automation engineer. 
  • Scope of work is limited: Only write test cases in excel format. No scripting needed which reduces scope of development. 
  • Quality: Little better execution quality than Manual Testing. Test Cases are written by Manual QA, so source is same but during execution no manual mistakes like skipping steps/test cases. Developers can also run test automation to get early feedback and fix issues before release.  

  • Substantially reduced the test execution time. QA team is now more focused to generated new test cases and testing new features. 

  • Continuous releases possible as quality is checked every day. 

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