Wireless Multi-room Multi-zone Audio System

Wireless Multi-room Multi-zone Audio System

What was the Problem?

A leading speaker manufacturer wished to bring out a Smart Wireless (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) Speaker platform with built in Multi-Room/Multi-Zone capabilities. They needed a team with domain expertise who would help enhance the overall product. 

What was the customer
looking for?

  • Multiple connected speakers streaming from same source.
  • Configuring speakers in a group or zones should be possible.
  • Zones allowing to play from different sources.
  • Stereo pair support.
  • Inter speaker communication within the network.

What is the Solution?

Media Magic was involved since the requirement establishment phase. The product was successfully released market and continuously upgrading versions. Few key features we delivered are:

  • Grouping speakers under different zones. 

  • Speakers can be combined to form stereo pair.
  • Music from different sources played on speakers belonging to different zones.
  • Elegant zone management without affecting the playback with capabilities to add or remove devices dynamically from each zone.
  • All the certified speakers from different companies can participate in system.

  • Native application for iOS and Android.

  • Multiple users can operating speakers at home with intelligent locking system to avoid conflicts.

Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced overall product capabilities
  • Customer focused on market needs and product management while Media Magic delivered Full Stack Development, embedded Media Framework in the Speaker, Mobile Apps and complete product testing.
  • Customer delegated 70% of product engineering work Media Magic and considers us as extended team.
  • Faster time to market and continuous releases. India base allows us to do round the clock development by increasing speed of deliveries.


GStreamer, Audio codecs such as FLAC, OPUS, container formats like HLS, DASH, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTSPEmbedded Programming, C/C++, Java, Objective C, RESTful API, Linux, Build System for cross compiling to various platforms.

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