15+ Music Services Integration

15+ Music Services Integration

What was the Problem?

A renowned organization, pioneers of multichannel audio and connected devices technology, had set their eyes on building platform combining all the leading music services.

What was the customer
looking for?

  • Integrating multiple music services into one application.

  • Multiple audio formats support.

  • High Fidelity audio support.

  • Scalable and futuristic design.

  • Maintaining the ever-growing codebase and fast adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

What is the Solution?

Media Magic was involved since the requirement establishment phase and played key role in design, strategy and implementation.

Few notable features delivered are:

  • Integrated 15+ globally leading music services such as Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Tidal, Pandora, Spotify Connect, Deezer, Napster, KKBox, SOUNDMACHINE, Qobuz, Juke, QQMusic, TuneIn, etc.

  • Additional support for Internet Radio, UPnP based Media Servers.

  • Scalable Design: easy integration of new services, new audio formats.

  • Codecs Optimization: fine-tuned for better performance.

  • Native application for iOS and Android.

  • Music Service support embedded into Speakers as well allowing features like Pre-Sets.

  • Certification Testing for Music Services – higher success rate in first attempts.

Customer Benefits

  • Customer delegated complete development responsibility by focusing more at their core of hardware development, and other business activities.

  • Hassle-free Music Services Certification and seamless integration.

  • Faster time to market due to In-dept knowledge of music services, certification and technological expertise.

  • Additionally, we used our domain experts to Optimize Codecs, Porting framework to multiple platforms, high performance mobile apps, etc.


GStreamer, Codecs, FFMPEG, UDP, HTTP, Objective-C, Java, iOS, Android, C, C++, UPnP, DLNA, RESTful APIs, etc.

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