TIDAL Certification Testing

TIDAL Certification Testing

What was the Problem?

A leading provider of high-quality Hi-Fi and Home Cinema, Wireless Speakers and Network Players, wanted us to integrate Tidal music service in their existing Mobile Application (iOS & Android). 

What was the customer
looking for?

  • Integration of Tidal Service with existing application within a Month including testing.
  • The application must pass Tidal Certification within given time frame.

What is the Solution?

QA team started working in parallel to development team considering timelines. Below points summarize success of deliveries: 

  • Reused existing QA assets for Tidal Certification testing.
  • Reused existing QA assets and adapted for Sanity, Smoke, Functional and Regression testing.
  • Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast Certification validation.
  • Designed custom utility to monitor performance of the application.
  • Reported issues at early stages helping to get corrections quickly.
  • Maximized test coverage to cover existing application features to improve quality.

Customer Benefits

  • Tidal certified the product in first attempt.

  • Customer declared release plan of product within a month.

  • 90% Time saved due to ready-made test suites.

  • After release the product reviews improved as reported issues dramatically reduced. This led to continuous partnership with Media Magic.

  • Customer could scale the team when needed. Customer concentrated on other products as we took complete ownership of integration and testing of Tidal.


Postman, Asana, Test Cases and Defect Configuration Tools, Apple Airplay, Chromecast.

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