My Journey At MMT

My Journey At MMT

I had one of the best feelings of my life when I started my career at Media Magic Technologies (MMT) as a Jr Software Developer on 1st Mar 2017. I thought that I would be working in a cubicle on tasks assigned to me and I will hardly get time to interact with my colleague. I was totally wrong. In the beginning, it was a little bit difficult to adjust to a professional environment as a fresher, but this feeling disappeared in a couple of days, when my associates made me comfortable.

Initially, I started working on the Android platform. As a newbie, the assigned project was a little complicated for me to understand, but later I started to get the hang of things. When I was able to do deliver as expected, I got an opportunity to work on different platforms. The organization has identified a dynamic set of employees and grouped them in a team called “Pearl” where everyone can share his/her innovative ideas and work on them. Based on my performance in the Android team, I was made part of this team. My colleagues shared their knowledge and helped me enhance my technical skills by giving feedback and guidance. I worked with a different set of people, but never felt differences because of agile methodology. Here the leader helps to grow every team member. All teams are interconnected and have excellent co-ordination.

Flexible office timing, freedom to share ideas, appreciations, opportunity to work on cross platforms and different cultural activities, are some of the traits I like most about working at MMT. All these attributes help creating a happy, innovative, inspiring and positive environment. With the Open Feedback System in place, I can easily recognize my strengths and weaknesses through 360° feedback. Through growth meetings and many more avenues. I feel like my work and my views are always recognized.

Other than the technical work, we have a book club called as “Lost in books”, where we meet every alternate Thursday and shares our reviews. This club helps me to improve my reading habit. I enjoy every activity arranged by “We Panel” like team campaign, cricket premier league, mad ads, dumb charades and many more. All these activities are not just for enjoyment, but they also help me find my inner self. I really appreciate the efforts taken to arrange these activities to make company environment happy and cool. I like the “Go Green” Activities arranged to create awareness for environmental protection. In short, all activities contribute to my personal development.

I learnt a lot of things and I continue to learn. I am not only acquiring new skills, but also improving my existing ones. The most important wisdom is the “never stop learning” attitude. This attitude keeps me excited to work on any platform and technology. I understood time management which helps me in work-life balance. I implement the lessons I learnt, and I am sure these will definitely shape my career.

So in a nutshell, I am very happy that I had the opportunity to start my career here at MMT :).

– Swarda Khatal

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