In pursuit of touching a million lives via Multimedia

In pursuit of touching a million lives via Multimedia

Entertainment has been a significant part of human life since the beginning of mankind. Present technological advancements have made creation and distribution of Multimedia content extremely easy. An entire section of the industry is dedicated to enabling end user the access to this multimedia content. 

It is an obvious choice for a DSP Engineer with a promising 10-year accumulated experience in the domain of Multimedia Processing and Embedded systems, to look for an organization with these technologies at its core. Indeed, I found MediaMagic fulfilling my expectations. The vision of this organization to touch the lives of millions of people inspired me tremendously. A significant part of what Media Magic does, is to enable end user to play high-quality audio content, from a plethora of sources/services via a mobile phone wirelessly on speakers.  

GStreamer is an established, robust, vast, plug-n-play, highly scalable Multimedia Framework. It can handle wide variety of audio content from various mediums, formats, rates, interfaces and is adaptive to new formats and bitrates. It has already proven its capabilities in the industry by finding itself in many highly successful products. All this led Media Magic to keep it at the core of its development. My significant experience in this framework led me to gel with the developments at Media Magic quite easily.  

Codecs are complex signal processing algorithms that work behind any media playback to optimize the use of resources like network and storage space. They come at the cost of consuming precious CPU cycles and memory usage on Embedded systems like wireless speakers, thus necessitating heavy optimizations. At Media Magic, we made sure to have a good number of necessary codecs optimized for our purpose. 

Deploying enterprise solutions takes immense patience and dedication to solve complex issues, maintain very high level of product quality, and to live up to the commitment of customers. Initially, the problems are simpler but the learning curve to understand the underlying architecture is bigger. Progressively, the problems become more difficult and need more intense level of expertise to solve them.  

Problems such as enabling seeking on FLAC, memory leaks and other related issues on complex pipelines, playback startup time optimization, random sparsely reproducible playback stoppage and long playback issues are only enough to give a glimpse. Some of these problems took months to resolve and ironically, some had much simpler solutions like mere swapping of two lines of code. Finding those two lines of code is what takes enormous patience.  

All in all, the entire experience of working with a talented team for popular brands and products itself is so satisfying that problems seem problems no more. It always feels good to work at a place that is so passionate about technology and perfection as Media Magic.  

– Nishit Jain

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