Performance Testing of a Music Application

Performance Testing of a Music Application

What was the Problem?

A leading Music Service Application provider needed their application to be validated against the Performance KPI’s for mobile/tablet applications for iOS and Android.

What was the customer
looking for?

  • Application’s performance for designated and non-designated tasks.
  • Performance differences on different speakers, mobiles models and OS.

  • Application performance at times of peak load conditions and continual keypad entry.

  • Application performance in low resource conditions (Battery, Memory, CPU, RAM).
  • Diagnosis for Memory Leakage.

What is the Solution?

Importance of performance for Mobile and Embedded applications is high. We applied all our experience to assure and improve performance of the application. The key points of delivery:

  • Music is played with desired quality and without any glitches for hours.
  • An in-house tool developed for monitoring periodic performance of application helping to analyze for CPU usage, Battery Consumption and Memory Usage.
  • Developed performance focused test cases and executed for every release cycle. 
  • Performance lags identified and verified, especially in case of Interrupts (like Text Message, Voice Calls, Network switching etc.), changing stations, switch to Music Services or playlist, etc.
  • Focused testing for the Memory Leakages to improve longevity of application. 
  • Synchronization delays tested by keeping performance within tolerance limits as test environment contains, speakers, mobiles, network, cloud services.

  • Assured complete test coverage with many file formats, with high fidelity, and configuration. 

Customer Benefits

  • High performance application, consuming lesser CPU, Battery was possible due to large contribution of QA team.
  • Media Magic used experience of working with 15+ Music Services and Multimedia domain expertise to develop Complete Test Suits focusing on performance.

  • Expertise of performance testing for multi device environment including speakers, mobiles, network, cloud services, remained critical in this case providing greater Quality Assurance. 


PerformEYE (Tool developed by Media Magic), Android Studio, Xcode, Jmeter, Postman, Testuff, Bugzilla

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