The natural calamities we experience today are a direct consequence of our abuse of the planet’s resources. The onus is on us as a society to restore the balance we have disturbed.

Our Actions

At Media Magic, we realize change starts with us and our day to day choices.

As a company, we are in a position to create an impact. With that attitude, here are some of the initiatives we undertake to do our bit for the environment and the society:

  • Lights and fans are switched off when not in use

  • Having a well-ventilated office space allows us to use ACs optimally

  • Documentation is done digitally as much as possible thus reducing use of paper

  • We neither print resumes nor expect candidates applying to our company to bring hard copies

  • The use of aerators reduces water flow rates significantly and thus water aerators are installed in all our taps which has led to saving of almost 980 buckets of water per month
  • Team is encouraged to report water leakages when found and are fixed immediately

  • For our team outings we do not purchase bottled water, instead make alternate arrangements such as carrying water ourselves and having the venue arrange it for us

  • Organizers of our team outings are requested in advance to avoid using single use plastic cutlery and utensils

  • All company merchandise are eco friendly items such as those shared with the team during birthdays and awards ceremonies

  • And last but not the least, we use activated charcoal that absorbs odours and maintain freshness instead of using harmful room fresheners that contaminate the environment


The immediate impact of all these initiatives is clear for us to see. Our teams have reported feeling energized, positive, motivated and productive all day long simply due the environment around them being clean and fresh.


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