OEM System

Product support & technology integration is resource expensive and reduces focus from your vision and core strengths.

The Pain Areas

  • Focus diluted away from core expertise
  • Volatility in manpower needs
  • Significant capital investment needed
  • Continuous integration and quality assurance requirements

Our Approach to Help You

  • Trained engineers aligned to your platform help your customer go to market faster
  • Partner in developing and improving the overall quality of your product offering
  • Ready pool of domain experts

  • Robust planning, process establishment and transparent communication as your product is being developed

Full Stack

Teams with different single technology expertise may not develop the best product. Perfecting the product costs critical time to market.

The Pain Areas

Single technology experts and Module focused teams cannot envision:

  • The requirements for a complete product
  • Macroscopic optimization, Scalability and Performance parameters
  • Integration and cohesive functioning of components

Our Approach to Help You

  • Well engineered products by application of Full Stack Development expertise
  • Bottom up approach to engineer high performing apps with low CPU and Memory footprints

  • Easy scaling across technology from firmware, device drivers, middleware, application, cloud integration to automated testing

  • Use of holistic design approach by using appropriate technologies for optimal use


Too much memory or battery usage is a huge turnoff for a user.

The Pain Areas

  • Non addressed user concerns like Performance, Battery Usage, Security and Runtime Permissions
  • Going beyond native languages on platforms like Android and iOS

  • Portable code needed for multiple platforms

Our Approach to Help You

  • Optimize product considering mobile as an embedded device with limited resources
  • Utilize lower level language expertise to lower CPU and Memory footprint with improved performance

  • Fast delivery of app with minimized after sales issues achieving improved product reputation

  • Use Scrum and Agile processes to speed up, track, simplify and standardize


Fast, unbiased testing across a complete spectrum of tests with ready-made QA assets.

The Pain Areas

  • Independent product testing based on requirements of the end user
  • Environment including mix set of multiple devices poses a challenge because of skill and resource need
  • For continuous releases you need fast, responsive and continuous test cycles

Our Approach to Help You

  • Having independent QA team with domain expertise to focus on assurance not just testing
  • Create holistics Test Suites and cover all use cases in multi-device environment having smart devices, mobiles, cloud services, network
  • Use inhouse developed ready-to-use QA assets for reducing test development and execution cycles or Certification testing of Music Services
  • Use Agile approach to identify issues early in cycle and take quick actions

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