Making Air Conditioner Smart and Saving Energy

Making Air Conditioner Smart and Saving Energy

What was the Problem?

A leading Air Conditioner manufacturer wanted a proof of concept to transform the legacy IR Remote operated ACs into Smart ACs. Energy efficiency was a problem which needed to be solved with new solution.  

What was the customer
looking for?

  • Transform legacy ACs to Smart ACs with external factor. 
  • Scheduled On/Off to save energy.
  • Cooling loss detection and prevention.
  • Identical temperatures across rooms. 
  • Simple operation at home and small offices.

What is the Solution?

Capitalizing on the expertise in the IoT space, Media Magic quickly came up with a solution which turned the ACs into smarter ones along with added functionalities of cooling loss detection and scheduled Power ON/OFF. The solution offered following features.

  • Support all the ACs which are operated using Infra-Red Remote Controls. 
  • Support to monitor window/door states to detect cooling loss.
  • Accepts commands from Android/iOS Apps, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Avoiding need of remote control and simplifying usage for multiple users. 
  • Integrated Buzzer to notify user if windows are left open and ACs are ON. 
  • Support grouping of ACs together and maintain identical temperature across workspace/home by scheduled temperature changes and power ON/OFF cycles. 
  • Operate ACs from remote locations by using Slack, Microsoft Teams, Android/iOS apps. 
  • Works with open source hub, OpenHAB, over HTTP and/or MQTT. 

Customer Benefits

Media Magic delivered the complete solution and many new features were added beyond expectation of customer at same cost and time.

  • Modular code allowing fast porting for multiple models with just configuration changes.
  • Ease of installation and usage for the end user.
  • Innovative ideas and support from Media Magic improved product quality and resulted in converting POC to long term engagement. Further plans are to make the solution work with Samsung SmartThings hub and support more AC Models. 


HTTP, MQTT, C, C++, NodeJS, Java, Objective C, Android, iOS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, OpenHAB

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